In accordance with its Statute, the Institute has a Governing Council which is the highest decision making organ of the Institute and plays a key role in defining IBDFM’s overall strategy. The Council organizes and provides programmes and guidelines for the effective administration of the Institute.

Although the Council is the overall policy maker, it is not involved in the execution and day-to-day running of the Institute. It functions in accordance with the Institute’s Bye-Laws. Complaints from members and clients on any matter whatsoever, and where necessary, are referred to the Council through the Registrar/Chief Executive, who is the Secretary to the Council. It comprises a number of distinguished academicians, professionals, business leaders, lawyers, philanthropists and community leaders as members.

The present council members are:

1. Prof. A.A. Aminu, Ph.D, CPA, MNIM, MIMC, MIFE,FBDFM

President/Chairman of Council

2. Dr. Ike Christopher,FBDFM

Vice President/ Vice Chairman of Council

3. Mr. Inuwa Dan Iliya, FBDFM

Chairman, Membership Committee/Director of Training and Consultancy

4. Mr. Victor Tusha Sukana, FBDFM

Member Governing Council/Director of Administration

5. Dr. Abubakar Salisu Garba, FBDFM

Member Governing Council/Director of Research & Development

6. Mr. Abubakar Abba Tahir, FBDFM

(Founder & President of KONNGOL SILVERTONGUE School of Speech Technology, Yola).

Member Governing Council/ Director, Corporate Services & International Partnerships

7. Mr. Kyari Mustapha, FBDFM

Member Governing Council/ Director, Programmes & Events

8. AmbP. Suleiman Babale Jibril, FCIGCD,FCIPDM, FBDFM

(Talban Shall, Barden Kudun Dass, Wamban Koma)

Member Governing Council/ Head of Professional Matters

9. Mr. Sukana Danjuma Tusha,MIPDM,SMCIGCD,MIPMA, FBDFM

Registrar/ Secretary to Council


Director UN-POLAC, Public Relations/Media Consultant

Member Governing Council/Head of External Relation

11. Barr. Augustine B. Afolabi, Esq.,MBDFM

Member Governing Council/Legal Adviser

12. Mr. Kajo Aondohemba Emmanuel,MCIGCD,MBDFM

Member Governing Council/Head of Business Development

13. Pastor Samaila Adamu

President/Founder Ministry of Prayer, Maiduguri

Member, Governing Council