Membership Fees



Membership of the Institute of Business Diplomacy and Financial Management (IBDFM) brings with it additional responsibilities. When joining the IBDFM, all members agree to abide by the Rules of Conduct. Each year you re-affirm your commitment to these Rules when you renew your membership by paying your annual subscription. All members (in all designation or membership categories) are expected to display the highest standards of professionalism and a commitment to ethical conduct, giving at all times due care and consideration to others and putting the public interest first. To help members maintain these high standards, the Code of Conduct identifies key attitudes and behaviours expected of members and provide necessary guidance to help members recognize and develop appropriate behaviours. Failure to meet the high standards expected may result in suspension or expulsion from IBDFM.

Your membership subscription enables IBDFM to continue to be a world leader of the business and finance profession, and provide support to members at every stage of their career. The subscription year corresponds with the calendar year; hence, annual subscriptions for membership are due on 1st January of every year and must be received before 31st March otherwise your membership is at risk of cessation.

The Annual Subscriptions (which are reviewed from time to time) are currently as follows:

Fellow (FBDFM)- N 15,000

Senior Member (SBDFM) - N 10,000

Full Member or Member (MBDFM) - N 7,000

Associate Member (ABDFM) - N 5,000

Graduate Member (GBDFM) - N 2,000
NB: Annual Subscription fee is to be paid ONLY to the Institute’s First Bank Account. Account No: 2032406601