Membership Benefits


1. Certified Professional Members of IBDFM are entitled to use a post-nominal designation (an acronym placed after a name): FBDFM, SBDFM, MBDFM, ABDFM and GBDFM for Fellow, Senior, Full, Associate and Graduate Members respectively.

2. The Professional Membership/Certification of IBDFM improves your qualification and prospect for employment, promotion and better income.

3. Assists and supports students and young graduates in making an efficient start in the labour market.

4. IBDFM Professional Membership/Certification enriches your curriculum vitae (CVs) with a unique international experience, which will prove attractive to future employers.

5. IBDFM Professional Membership/Certification affords you the opportunity to attend a wide selection of local and international seminars, conferences and lectures, providing boundless opportunities for networking and keeping your knowledge and skills up to date and also entitles you to request for a reference letter for job or admission purposes.